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Wedding Guidelines



We are excited about your up-coming wedding, but even more about your marriage.  This is one of the most special times in your life.  Right now you are excited about the future, but you may also be a little nervous - there’s a lot to do!  You probably have a lot of questions about the wedding ceremony and the church.  We at the United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant will do everything we can do to help with your wedding plans.  However, as much as we care about your wedding, our main concern is your marriage.  We want you to have the marriage that God wants for you.

What is a Christian Marriage? 

You can go to a Justice of the Peace or a Captain of a ship and get married.  You would be legally married, however the basis for a Christian marriage is far more than just “tying the knot”. Established by God in Scripture, Christian marriage is a life-long covenant relationship of a man and a woman who love each other and desire to spend their lives together.  Marriage involves three separate entities; a man, a woman, and God.  Before God, a man and a woman pledge their life-long love and commitment to each other.  So there is no misunderstanding, same-sex weddings, civil unions, or the blessing of same-sex relationships are not permitted in any United Methodist Church.
Marriage is God’s idea.  The first marriage was between Adam and Eve.  God intended from the beginning that marriage should be the primary relationship a person can have.  A  man is to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife.  You may have children and you will love them more than life itself, however your primary relationship is not with your children, but is with your spouse.  One day if your children marry, they will establish that primary relationship with their spouse.  In addition, marriage helps us to understand the relationship between Jesus and the church because the church is also known as the “bride of Christ”.

What should you do first?

Since all weddings are scheduled at the discretion of the Pastor of the church, you should share your plans with the Pastor at the earliest possible time.  Naturally you want to schedule your wedding events as soon as possible.  Call the church office and see if the church is available on the day you tentatively would like.  If it is open, you can save the church for that day, however, you still need to talk to the Pastor as soon as you can.  There is information here as to wedding guidelines, however any additional questions can be answered when you talk to the Pastor. 
The marriage license must be presented to the Pastor prior to the wedding ceremony.  Plan to give it to the Pastor at least by the rehearsal.
Weddings conducted in the church are normally officiated by the Pastor.  If another clergy is to be invited to conduct or share in the service, the invitation will be offered by the Pastor to the visiting clergy. 
Pre-marital Preparation by the Pastor
Marriage is a joining of two people into one.  That is harder than it sounds.  In reality it is not only the joining of two imperfect people but also the joining of two different families.  Different customs, how to deal with finances, philosophies of raising children, past relationships, who makes what decisions, and even when do you unwrap Christmas presents - two separate people are becoming one and that is hard. It is in your best interest to have all the preparation you can have.  It is the decision of the Pastor as to the level of pre-marital preparation the couple needs.  This preparation can be done by the Pastor or by someone the Pastor selects or agrees to.  Since this preparation takes time, the earlier you let the Pastor know of your plans to marry the better.
Planning the music
It is expected that the church organist will play for all weddings that have music that are held in the church.  Any exception to this must be agreed to by the Pastor and the organist.  Normally you can use any music that you desire though the final decision as to a given song is at the discretion of the church organist.  The church organist can help you in selecting music.
Arrangements with the photographer
Photographers know how to take pictures and video your wedding without compromising the sacredness of the ceremony.  If you or the photographer have any questions, you can ask the Pastor. 
Specific church details
*The church has two candelabras (seven branches) that are available for you to use.  If the candelabras are furnished by the florist, there must be protection for the carpet from wax-dripping. Candles used in the wedding are the responsibility of the wedding couple (they are 5/8 inch diameter). 
*The bride may leave her altar flowers in the Sanctuary to be used for Sunday services if she desires and advance contact has be made with the church secretary.
*If an aisle runner is used, the center aisle is 5 1/2 feet wide and 26 feet long from the chancel railing to the narthex doors (7 pew lengths).  It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to remove the aisle runner after the service as well as other items brought by the florist.
Reception in the church
If a reception is planned for the church, arrangements must be made through the Pastor.  Items available at the church include: china dinnerware, silverware, glasses, candy & nut dishes, candleholders, tables & chairs for up to 150 people, kitchen equipment, two 100-cup coffee makers. All other items must be furnished by the couple or caterer.  When the kitchen is used, it is the responsibility of the couple (or who they make arrangements with) to clean this area.  This is not included as part of the custodial care for the wedding ceremony.
Conduct of the wedding guests
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be served or consumed on church premises.  Smoking is not permitted in the church building.  The use of bird seed outside of the church is permitted but confetti or rice is not.
Financial responsibilities
*If you pay by check, please use three separate checks.  One for the church (made out to the United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant), one for the organist (the pastor will inform you of the name used), and one for the custodian (the pastor will inform you of the name used).  There is no charge for the Pastor, that is at the discretion of the Bride and Groom.
~Members (including immediate family of members) 
All fees are due by the rehearsal.
*Use of Church:          There is no charge for the use of the church.
                                        (the couple may voluntarily give the church a financial gift)
*Fellowship Hall No charge if the Fellowship Hall is used for the Reception.
*Organist:                    $125 (extra $25 if a soloist is used);
                                        $25 consultation fee if outside organist is used.
*Custodian:                 $50.  $100 if the Fellowship Hall is used for the Reception.
*Pastor:                        Discretion of Bride and Groom.
~Non-members.  Unless otherwise listed,
all fees are due by the rehearsal.
*Use of Church:          $250 for the use of the church
                                        (no charge if Fellowship Hall is used for reception).
                                        This fee must be paid within thirty days of reserving the date of the wedding
                                        or by the rehearsal date, whichever is earlier.
*Organist:                    $125 (extra $25 if a soloist is used);
                                        $25 consultation fee if outside organist is used.
*Custodian:                  $50.  $100 if the Fellowship Hall is used for the Reception.
*Pastor:                         Discretion of Bride and Groom.
How to contact the church
     United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant
     645 W. Main Street
     Mt. Pleasant, PA  15666
(Revised, January 10, 2017)