United Methodist Church of Mount Pleasant
Saturday, April 21, 2018
The Town Clock Church

Small Group Studies

Christian Education and small group relationships are vital to a growing congregation. We were never meant to live a life of faith and learning on our own. All are welcome to be a part of our Sunday morning small group ministry. Even if you can't attend each week, come as often as possible. You will be welcomed, enriched, encouraged, and strengthened. Our small group time is Sunday mornings beginning at 8:45 lasting until 9:30. At any given time there is up to 3 different small group sessions active. You can choose the class that interests you. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Beginning January 14, 2018 the small group led by Jen Wadsworth will begin a new study for women only. This 5-week study will be based on the book "The Comparison Trap" by Sandra Stanley: "The temptation to compare is as near as your next chat with a friend, trip to the store, or check-in on social media. And whether you come out on top or come up lacking, there is simply no win in comparison. It's a trap." Ladies - please consider joining Jen in this study on such an important and relevant topic of our day!
Pastor Bob's small group will begin study on the minor prophets of the Old Testament. From Hosea to Malachi these Old Testament books provide a prophetic message that is as relevant and meaningful today as when they were first written. This, too, will be a 5-week "survey" type of study in which we will explore the truths that these prophetic messages spoke to Israel and to Judah and which still speak to us today.
The Adult Bible study group will continue with their winter study on Faith in Action. Faith stands tall even when conditions around us suggest that we should fall. Faith encourages and hopes. Faith is what keeps us strong and moves us forward for the Kingdom of God. Come join this small group and let this time together provide strength and directions for your walk of faith.