United Methodist Church of Mount Pleasant
Thursday, April 09, 2020
The Town Clock Church

Music Ministry

Our handbell choir and chancel choir perform during the Sunday service with the handbell choir performing about once a month and for special services.  Both choirs practice weekly (Wednesday evenings) from early September through late May.  If you would like to be a part of either choir, contact the directors.  Chancel Choir director is Sue Ann Herd and Handbell Choir director is Debbie Piper.
 Sue Ann Herd (Director of Music)        Debbie Piper (Director of Handbell Choir)        
Sue Ann Herb (Director of Music)                                               Debbie Piper (Handbell Choir Director)
Advantages of joining the choir...
** You never have to worry about what to wear.
** You have excellent seats and are assured a reserved seat for Christmas and Easter.
** From your advantageous seat, you can smile at the rest of the people in the congregation.
**The pastor is nearly always looking the other way.
**You're in a wonderful spot to see new guests so you can greet them after the service.
**You are a leader in the worship experience.
** The cost for all these benefits? Just one evening a week.
** Oh yes, and one more reason to join the choir: you get to use your gifts to praise Jesus!