United Methodist Church of Mount Pleasant
Thursday, April 09, 2020
The Town Clock Church


Brief History
The United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant has a rich history over the past two hundred years.  The story of the our church is the result of the merger of two churches in 1990 (Trinity United Methodist Church and Wesley United Methodist Church) and the merger of two denominations in 1967 (The Methodist Episcopal Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church).  
The Church of the Brethren came to Mt. Pleasant and organized a church in 1803.  The Methodist Episcopal Church came to Mt. Pleasant around the same time and organized the first Methodist Church in 1816.  Mt. Pleasant at that time had the nickname of "Hell Town".  That of course changed when the Brethren and Methodists came to town!
Both churches grew.  In the early 1800's, a Brethren church building was erected on our current site.  In the early 1900's that building was reconstructed and our current church building was dedicated on March 16, 1913.  The Methodist Episcopal Church building was build in 1845.  That building was located on Main Street just a couple blocks up from our current building.
In 1967, the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to become the United Methodist Church.  The former Methodist Church became Wesley United Methodist Church and the former Evangelical United Brethren Church became Trinity United Methodist Church.  Both churches were now part of the same denomination and yet they were less than two city blocks apart.  
In 1990, these two churches merged into one church which was named "The United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant".  It was decided to sale the former Wesley United Methodist Church building and to sale the former Wesley United Methodist Church parsonage. 
A lot has changed in the past two hundred years, however what matters most has not.  Our mission is to reach our world for Jesus Christ.  Like our ancestors who first came to "Hell Town" and changed it, we have a job to do - to change Mt. Pleasant for Jesus.