United Methodist Church of Mount Pleasant
Thursday, April 09, 2020
The Town Clock Church

Cross Ministry

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No Christian symbol is more meaningful than a cross, because a cross reminds us of the great love that Jesus has for us.  A love so great that Jesus gave His life for us on a cross.  George Hockenberry, one of the people at the United Methodist Church of Mt. Pleasant, has made over 5,000 crosses!  Anyone can pick-up a cross from the Narthex.  However, when you take a cross, you also agree to give it away to someone else, especially if they remark about it.  By taking a cross, you give yourself a great opportunity to share your faith with someone else.  Crosses from our church have been given to people all over the world.  It may seem like a small thing to give a cross away, but Jesus will bless your efforts!

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Hand Crafted Stand and Crosses
by George Hockenberry



Our crosses are hand-made by one of our members, George Hockenberry who has excellent wood working skills. He also made the stand for the crosses. The crosses are available back in the Narthex for anyone who wishes to have one. Each cross has a chapter and verse number from the Bible hand painted on it. Some crosses are even carved with delicate etchings or pictures.