United Methodist Church of Mount Pleasant
Thursday, April 09, 2020
The Town Clock Church


What We Believe:  We are a United Methodist Church.  We are in the mainstream of orthodox Christianity.  Below are general beliefs of our church.  For more information about the United Methodist Church, go to umc.org.

About the Bible:  We believe the Bible is God’s Word.  Human writers under inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, but God directed their writings so the Bible can be trusted.  It is the primary authority for our faith and life.

About God:  There is one God who created the universe and everything in it.  God is sovereign, that is, God is the ruler of the universe.  While there is one God, God exists in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

About Jesus:  Jesus was born as a human being of the virgin Mary.  Jesus is also divine.  He is the Son of God and co-equal with the Father and Holy Spirit.  While on earth, Jesus lived a sinless life and was crucified on a cross as a perfect sacrifice for our sins.  After three days, God raised Him from the dead.  He ascended to Heaven and one day will return to earth.

About the Holy Spirit:  The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and Son.  The Spirit draws all people to Christ.  The Spirit convicts people of sin.  The Spirit lives in people when they accept Christ and enables them to live a life that is pleasing to God.  

About the Trinity:  There is one God.  God exists in three persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They are distinct from one another and yet there is one God.  The Father, Son, and Holy spirit are co-equal with each other.  All three persons of the Trinity are the same in their character.

About Human Beings:  All people are made in God’s image; that is what separates people from the rest of creation.  People are the supreme object of God’s creation.  All people are born as sinners, therefore no person on their own could obey God.  God through the Holy Spirit calls each person to forgiveness by trusting in Jesus alone.  Each person has the free will to accept or reject God’s offer of salvation.

About Salvation:  No amount of doing good works and no amount of avoiding bad behavior will make people acceptable in God’s eyes.  Salvation can’t be earned, it is a free gift.  God offers salvation to all.  However, only those who trust in Jesus Christ will receive it.  We are saved by grace (what God does for us because of His character and not because of who we are) through faith (believing and trusting that God will do what He says).  When a person accepts Jesus, every sin they have ever committed is forgiven.  At the same time, that person begins a lifelong journey of increasingly becoming more like Jesus.

About the Church:  The church is the Body of Christ, which is comprised of those who have accepted Christ.  The church also includes all those who have previously died in Christ.  The church is the extension of Jesus’ life and ministry in the world.  The church isn’t perfect because it is comprised of real people (like me and you).  

About Eternity:  Human beings were created to exist forever.  This body will die but the soul is eternal.  A person who rejects Jesus will be eternally separated from God.  This place is called Hell and it is a real place of punishment.  A person who accepts Jesus will be eternally with Jesus.  This place is called Heaven and it is a real place of eternal reward beyond imagination.

About Good Works:  While no amount of effort will earn God’s favor, once saved, the Christian is to do good works.  God wants us to work for Him.  We are to be an example of holy living to the world.  We are to tell others of God’s love and offer of salvation.  God also wants the Christian to minister to a hurting world.  We care about the entire person.  We minister to both spiritual and physical needs.

About Sin:  The universe and everything in it was created perfect, without sin.  When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they brought sin and death upon themselves, on all future human beings, and on all creation.  We live in a sinful world.  Our sin is what separates us from God.  While we are born in sin, each person has also committed sin of their own (it’s not just Adam and Eve’s fault - it’s our fault as well).